let’s make a diference


As most of you know I am almost 40.  YIKES!  I’ll be 40 next year and I have thought I need to make this year count…but how?  What will I do?  I can’t sit idle and wait for something to happen.  I will have to make it happen.  but where is my opportunity?  Let me tell you opportunities are everywhere.  We just have to push past our comfort zones.


I have always wanted to be a philanthropist.  How great would it be to help people achieve their dreams and goals.  I still haven’t decided exactly how to do it. But, in the next 12 months I will be doing something that matters.  Something good and peaceful.  Maybe I’ll help people exercise or develop a diet plan or do free bike fittings, Help a kid get in shape.  Show someone why I love running and maybe they will fall in love with running as well.

A friend of mine recently shared something with me about doing one good deed a day.  I was all psyched to do it and then for some reason I just never started.  However, on Sunday I was out and I was going past the local high school and I saw some trash on the ground so I picked it up and threw it away in the custodians golf cart trash can.  He was shocked that someone would doing something like that.  Then I realized I can do little things everyday.  it doesn’t have to be a grand gesture.  So, on Sunday I was at the place I pretty much hate the most in the world …Wal Mart.  The place was a mad house as everyone was prepping for the Hurricane to come and get us.  As I drove through the parking lot I let a person cross the street and thought gosh that was easy. Then I let some one into traffic so they could get out of that crazy place.  That was two of my good deeds.  Today I was out on the trails on the range and I noticed a lot of people think it is okay to walk in the woods and just throw their beer cans and styrofoam cups along the trail. I started picking up trash as I went.  By the time I got back to my car my hands were full.  Heck, I even picked up a hub cap that was hanging on a tree.  The hubcap thing really aggravated me. If a person had the energy to hang it on a tree wouldn’t you think they had the energy to properly dispose of it?  So anyway,  I was just not satisfied with picking up trash.  Because that is something I would normally do any how. I wanted todo something bigger.  I took a way home that I don’t normally take home and I saw a woman waiving from the side of the road.  She had run out of gas.  I took her and her friend to there home so they could get a gas can and drive back to their truck.  Then it dawned on me Opportunities are every where.  We just need to open our eyes and make the world a nicer place.  I also suppose it couldn’t hurt my Karma.  So I am going to make a point of doing something good everyday.  Maybe sometimes Ill do more than others but I am going to try.

What are you going to do?



About josh29152

I am a divorced Dad who found myself running and raising my daughter. I served in the USAF for 12 years and I was medically retired after being diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Living all over the world has provided me with some fabulous experiences. Since my divorce I have settled in Florida. I love the warm weather but I am not much for the culture. I am coming to grips with past, while looking for direction for my future.
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